HovClick popups will make you standout. As a marketing tool you’re able to direct visitors to specific content and capture important leads before they get away. Here are just a few reasons to use hovClick as your un-blockable popup:

Powered by hovClick: is Free to Use:
Using hovClick is free. There’s no gimmick. You can register and create up to 5 hovClicks for your website today. Our free version includes a “powered by hovClick” link that appears in the upper left corner. If you want to remove the hovClick branding, simply help support hovClick’s efforts through a small non-branded licensing fee. For more information, click here.

Un-Blockable by Traditional Browsers & Software!
We’re using Dynamic HTML to provide a popup that evades traditional blocking software and browser protections. This means you regain functionality on your site. Dynamic HTML is common to all browsers. Because hovClick works within your website, rather than a separate window, integration offers a layer of reliability that traditional popups can’t provide.

A Hosted Solution that’s Easy to Use:
Using hovClick is easy. As a hosted solution, simply register with and login to our control panel. Simply click “new hovClick” and you’re half way there. Just stylize your design or add your own HTML, set a few options, and click “get code.” Place the hovClick code below the closing tags on your website and you’re done. Create multiple hovClicks for different pages or marketing campaigns!

Fully Customize hovClick popup to your Website:
You’ve got two great options to customize your hovClick. Start by setting your dimensions, height and width. Then, if you’ve got experience, simply place your HTML in the hovClick user panel and you’re all set. Or, use our custom editor to do everything from choosing colors, font type, color, and style, adding images and form fields, to almost everything else you can think of.

Time, Duration, and User Features:
Get the most of your hovClick by utilizing our special features. You have the ability to do things like set a delay before hovClick appears to a user when they enter your site. Set the duration of your hovClick if you want it to disappear after a specified period of time. Avoid unnecessary duplication by setting your hovClick to appear only once for each user visit.

HovClick Triggers & Search Engines:
HovClick “triggers” turn your popup into a powerful marketing tool. Visitors frequently find websites through keyword searches on popular search engines like Google, MSN, and Yahoo. By catching the information and comparing it to your keyword choices, you customize which hovClick reacts to new visitors. If a potential visitor is looking for a specific product you can assure they see that product!

Simple to Use!
Just add one line of code generated by hovClick and your popup is ready to go.

Keyword Triggering!
Set your popup to respond to referrals from Google, MSN, and Yahoo.

Signup Now!
Click here to register for hovClick! Thinking about giving hovClick a try? Signup is quick, free, and no download is required!

Latest News

  • January 1, 2011 Did you know that you can customize hovClick to look like your web content? We’re reminding you that hovClick is completely customizable except for the hovClick “powered by.” But, you can remove hovClick branding for a very reasonable cost, click here for more.


HovClick is surprisingly easy to use because you can really make it look like your own website just by adding your own HTML. I use it for our newsletter signup and special offers.

- John T.

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