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HovClick is designed as a simple to use marketing tool that integrates into your existing site. Our top goal is to regain lost functionality that popups provide to web developers. We’ve gone further by adding important functionality like specifying the duration of your popup and setting the popup to interact only once with each unique visitor. HovClick integrates into your existing page so we’ve provided easy to use editing tools and given you the option to use your own HTML. Keeping it simple to use, we’ve taken the work out of coding. A comprehensive web panel makes hovClick a completely hosted solution for your popup needs. Copy and paste a small line of code to the bottom of your page and you’re ready to go. You can use hovClick if you’re a novice or expert!

At hovClick we’re working to bring advanced features that help you market the information and products you make available online. Keywords allow you to trigger specific information based on search terms your visitors used in the some of the most popular referring search engines. While providing all of this we’re dedicated to keeping it simple and cost effective. In fact, one of our goals is to keep a free version of hovClick available. We’re able to maintain our free version because loyal hovClick users frequently show their support by unlocking the “powered by hovClick” link. If you use and enjoy hovClick let us know and help us keep our free version active. Thank you for your support.

Simple to Use!
Just add one line of code generated by hovClick and your popup is ready to go.

Keyword Triggering!
Set your popup to respond to referrals from Google, MSN, and Yahoo.

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Latest News

  • January 1, 2011 Did you know that you can customize hovClick to look like your web content? We’re reminding you that hovClick is completely customizable except for the hovClick “powered by.” But, you can remove hovClick branding for a very reasonable cost, click here for more.


HovClick is surprisingly easy to use because you can really make it look like your own website just by adding your own HTML. I use it for our newsletter signup and special offers.

- John T.

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