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You’re faced with a problem… You’re helping a client with a website and they ask for a way to display some high value content, a newsletter signup, with a modal window. Your first step is to scour search engines with keywords such as modal window, jquery window, or even popup with javascript to grab some sample code. You would pull these sample scripts and start tweaking the JavaScript or even JQuery to display this modal dialog. You would create all the necessary div’s and set the JavaScript window to display onload. But what if you wanted to add a few other features, like only display once per cookie visitor, or display only if they come from a certain keyword so they can have a targeted message display. More and more searches for shared pop up window code.

We have made your life easier here at hovClick. is JavaScrpt pop up window maker and can easily be integrated onto all traditional web browsers to display modal windows. With a few clicks of a button the web visitors will see the content you’ve chosen to highlight. With the highest degree of customizability, HovClick can integrate into the existing page design. It’s all back to the basics to set up your pop up window. You easily set the size, width, duration of your popup in a few easy clicks. You can even specify that a user only sees the popup once during their visit or even if they come back to never see the window popup again. And while your easily customizing your popup window, have it trigger only if there is a specific keyword from the search engine.

Skip all that coding for your pop up window and give hovClick a try!

Simple to Use!
Just add one line of code generated by hovClick and your popup is ready to go.

Keyword Triggering!
Set your popup to respond to referrals from Google, MSN, and Yahoo.

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Latest News

  • January 1, 2011 Did you know that you can customize hovClick to look like your web content? We’re reminding you that hovClick is completely customizable except for the hovClick “powered by.” But, you can remove hovClick branding for a very reasonable cost, click here for more.


HovClick is surprisingly easy to use because you can really make it look like your own website just by adding your own HTML. I use it for our newsletter signup and special offers.

- John T.

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